Make war obsolete in favor of peace and healing
International Brotherhood Of Walking Wounded

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Peace and healing

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Vietnam veterans, former combatants of all wars,
lets strive together to make war obsolete so
peace and healing can be accomplished!



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Vietnam veterans and all former combatants strive together for peace
After each bloody conflict throughout the world, combatants try to "come home" and leave the conflict to the historians. But before one can send those traumatic memories to history's dustbin, they first must face them and put them in their proper perspective in order to live with the horrific trauma they have experienced.

Former combatants going forth with other former combatants of other "conflicts" to start their "Long Journey Home" together can accomplish PEACE and HEALING with ALL people of ALL lands.

Before this can be accomplished, PEACE with all factions involved must be achieved. To find true healing of one's spirit, they must first forgive and offer a hand to their adversaries.

We as former combatants and families of former combatants must strive on a daily basis to make war and human conflicts OBSOLETE so peace and healing can take hold and grow.

The mission of this organization is to go forth throughout the world to other lands to accomplish that very goal...
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Vietnam veterans for peace and healing
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The Ten Axioms Of Peace And Healing ©

  1. If truth is the first casualty of war then betrayal is the first slayer of war.

  2. All wars and conflicts are religious in origin and hate is what fills the void caused by the denial of the existence of our Creator.

  3. To kill a human, one has to become inhuman and the guilt of that act must be denied for one to survive that act.

  4. To survive the horror of war one has to deny the existence of such and to deny war allows one to deny the existence of peace.

  5. You cannot sustain a war without the absence of peace and you cannot love or sustain a love without the absence of hate.

  6. Treating "symptoms" of war gives the same results as treating "symptoms" of common illnesses.

  7. To heal from war and attain a true peace one must attain first a peace within with a healing outward.

  8. True peace is accomplished by first forgiving our own inhumanness and second forgiving our inhumanness in and toward our fellow humans.

  9. Before we can attain true peace with other humans we must first forgive our own falsehoods and the lack of self-truth.

  10. To maintain true peace we must always remember that we were first washed in war...