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This page will contain the most up-to-date information available regarding the status of all planned missions and the organization of our future missions.

As former combatants we all have a lot in common with each other. Peace and healing should not only be for those of us who fought in Viet Nam but ALL former combatants.

Post Date: June 16, 2001

Due to health reasons Michelle Holtby resigns her position with I.B.O.W.W. as the Director of Public Relations.

Post Date: May 31, 2001

I.B.O.W.W. Names New Public Relations Director:
When starting I.B.O.W.W. last year, my main concern was the former combatants that suffered from PTSD, here in the good ole' USA and around this world. Liz O'Dell who is a staff member and does all this beautiful website work that you all enjoy, has over the past weeks gave me enlightenment as to the soul of PTSD and how it has affected our entire society since time began. Because of her wise counsel and the fact that this organization needs to expand and include all of our human family, I would like to make this announcement.
As Executive Director, I have appointed Michelle Holtby to be I.B.O.W.W.'s Public Relations Director. Ms. Holtby has never witnessed one-second of combat, nor has she ever had a family member contract PTSD. Nevertheless, she has PTSD as bad as any member of this organization could have PTSD. Because of this and her multiple qualifying talents and the help and prestige that she brings to this organization, I and the staff want to welcome her aboard!


Post Date: May 30, 2001

Santa Fe Mission:
Wayne Fowler was honored to be part of the consecration and dedication of Pedro (Pete) B. Padilla's grave today, Memorial Day, May 28, 2001. Pete Padilla turned 25 two days before his death on March 28, 1966 at Vinn Loc, Viet Nam. Wayne was accompanied by Pete's brother David (along with other members of Pete's family). We will consecrate his grave with Holy water and soil taken from Vinn Loc (this soil having our brothers blood and some North Vietnamese blood that died that day with Pete), in order to hopefully get closure for you and I and the rest of our brothers and sisters and the family of Pedro B. Padilla.
Here are some words from Wayne about the ceremony: "Once locating Pete's gravesite, which is in section S, grave marker #0248, the rest fell in place very rapidly. I first took some of the soil and pebbles and buried it at the base of the tombstone. I looked up and noticed this Catholic couple kneeling over their daughter's grave. After they had finished, I approached them and introduced myself and asked if they would help us with the consecration. They readily agreed, came over, we all knelt around Pete's grave as they both led our prayers for the NVA soldiers and brothers that died that day including our brother Pete. I lay there that day in l966, wounded, unable to go to Pete and the rest, listening to his dying screams for help. So brothers, you and I are bonded by our guilt in the loss of our comrades. I want to thank Wes Goodell for bringing back the soil (from his trip back to Nam last year) for this consecration and dedication. My hope is this gives some closure and peace to my dear brothers of Suicide Charley."

Wayne and Pete's brother, David
Wayner Fowler (left) & Pete's brother, David

Post Date: May 15, 2001

Currently, a team of World War II former combatants will be leaving the States for a Memorial and Healing Mission to Hawaii. Since the beginning of this year, we here at I.B.O.W.W. have been planning this peace and healing trip to the 60th anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor primarily for those WWII former combatants and their families to get long overdue peace and healing from their "war". Some other former combatants will join in and share their memories with them, as well as they will share their memories with us.

The trip will be from the 5th of December, 2001 to the 10th of December, 2001. We are sending as many WWII families as funds permit us to. Because the team will be headed up by former combatants from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Paul Logan (a journalist for the Albuquerque Journal) will try to go along to record this historical event. If you would like to help us in this noble mission please show your support by joining our brotherhood today!

As Bob Dole said earlier this year, "We are losing over 1,255 of our fellow veterans every day now". This may be our last chance to really help our brothers and sisters from that era really come home from their war.

Update: May 15, 2001

Next year, we hope to have the first team leaving the States for Northern Ireland and possibly South Africa. Click on our Missions link to find out more about these teams, how you can become a team member and/or how you can help support these Peace and Healing Missions.

The News B.O.O.M. will change as the news and missions progress. Thanks for checking us out and come back soon and often.

Stay tuned for next update of NEWS B.O.O.M.!
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