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Join our non-profit brotherhood organization Assisting veterans with PTSD through peace and healing missions
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Are you a Viet Nam veteran with PTSD
with some degree of disability?

Do you have a Purple Heart
from wounds received in combat?

Are you a family member of a veteran
with PTSD (living or deceased)?

Would you like to become a team member of
this organization going on Peace and Healing
Missions to other lands, all expenses paid?

We at I.B.O.W.W., are recruiting members,
not only to join our brotherhood,
but also team members for our missions!

Simon Sulaica stated it best when he said "I.B.O.W.W. is a brotherhood organization trying to bring about a global awareness of PTSD on war veterans and their families. We hope you join us and assist us in our efforts. Whether you are a veteran with PTSD, a PTSD counselor, a medical professional or a family member, we will accept your help and encourage you to seek our help also! Being a non-profit organization, we will accept all donations whether they be small or large! Remember, NOT ALL WOUNDS ARE VISIBLE, so you never know who might need our assistance, either here or abroad!"

All the acts of generosity and kindness that we extend to others eventually make a circle and come back to us. The Bible reminds us, "As we sow, so shall we reap."

"My philosophy on peace and healing is not a new one or even a revolutionary one but one that has been said a million ways since time began and it goes like this: The only way for me to have peace and healing in my life is to first offer my full support to other humans to gain that very goal in their life first. So join me and the other members of this organization in this noble effort to bring peace and healing to not only you but to the entire world we live in."   Wayne Fowler, Founder of I.B.O.W.W.

"Perpetual Memorial Pages are now being created. For a $500.00 contribution to I.B.O.W.W. you can now receive one Perpetual Memorial page, personalized for you to honor your loved one. If you become a member, your membership dues goes toward the purchase of an Eternal Tribute/Perpetual Memorial Page. The amount you pay for a Tribute Page depends on what type membership you choose. Perpetual Memorials must honor a deceased veteran that served in the USA military. Click HERE for more information!

ATTENTION: All Veteran Team Leaders
If you are a Vet Team Leader with the VA and would like to purchase the Treatise "The Long Journey Home" written by our founder, Wayne Fowler, please email us below for prices. For orders in lots of 60 or more, please allow two weeks for shipment. This Treatise is an excellant source for healing and information for PTSD victims and their families. It has an acknowledgement to the Veterans Affairs in the front and has proven to help the veteran "really come home".


Dues for joining the brotherhood are divided into two groups. ANNUAL DUES are: $42.00; LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP: $125.00 (one-time fee). By becoming a member, you will receive your copy of the Treatise "The Long Journey Home" You will also receive "I support I.B.O.W.W." decal, so you may display your support proudly! As a member you may purchase our concessions at a 10% discount, and if you purchase an Eternal Tribute/Perpetual Memorial Page at the $500.00 rate, your membership dues payment will be reimbursed to you. All proceeds from the membership, perpetual memorial pages and sale of the treatise will help fund the missions or our former combatants with other former combatants of the world!

IBOWW Member Decal

Won't you join us today? Become a part of our brotherhood, making it YOUR brotherhood for peace and healing and start your own journey home.

join our volunteer program

We are also recruiting former combat veterans
such as: nurses, infantry, office personnel, and others.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, or perhaps you would like to become a supporter of I.B.O.W.W. and join the brotherhood to further promote our missions abroad helping others with PTSD, spreading the word of peace and bring healing to other combatants and their families, if so, you may join below. Someone from I.B.O.W.W. will contact you.

Volunteer Program!
Are you a member of I.B.O.W.W.? Want to make some extra cash? All members of I.B.O.W.W.are eligible to participate in our volunteer program! Here's how it works: As a volunteer for I.B.O.W.W., you will receive $5.00 for every person you sign up that joins our brotherhood. You will print YOUR name on their application so you will get credit for their membership. There is an application below that needs to be filled out and sent in to get you started. After sign-up, someone from I.B.O.W.W. will contact you and you will be sent a Volunteer Worker Kit! Sign up today!
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