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The Plan
Dove of Peace Flag
For Peace And Healing In Northern Ireland©
© March 24, 2001 All Rights Reserved
By: Wayne Fowler


"Bridge Over Troubled Water"



Before we begin to try to have a plan for peace, we first must put several things into perspective. War has always been generational since the beginning of time, and as the saying goes, "war is made by the politicians and fought by the taxpayers". Or put another way, it is always made by the rulers and fought by the common people. There is no longer the grandiose scene where the ruler rides out in front of the combatants and leads them into battle!

So we are faced with the problem of stopping a war and creating a peace where the factions involved, not unlike any other war in mankind's history, have been betrayed into fighting for one cause or the other. A human in a natural state of being cannot and does not want to kill or hurt other humans. So, in order to conduct a war, a person has to be taught (trained or more likely fooled into) how to kill and hurt other humans. If then truth is the first casualty of war, then betrayal has to be the first slayer of war! We are all aware of what happens to the human psyche when we, as humans, end up fighting a war and killing and hurting other humans.

The Objective

In order to then gain a lasting peace, we must first reverse the way we ended up in a war that has went on for generations. How do we reverse the situation? First, we involve all of the current and former combatants together as one group, for one cause, and that is for peace and healing. Second, we must make everyone involved understand that to have peace, we must first be peaceful to our adversaries. Third, remember that your adversary had to have been duped (betrayed and lied to, just as you were) to start the fighting to begin with, and to carry the fight on for generation after generation without even remembering what you were first duped into believing! Fourth, before you can gain peace inside, and peace in your land from what you have done to other humans and their land, you must first forgive what those humans have done to you and your family! Fifth, listen to the combatant (even though they were your adversary) that fought the good fight and not the person or persons that got you to fight the good fight! Sixth, and most important of all, always remember that your Creator did not make humans to kill or hurt other humans!


A team of forty members (with family spouses preferable) from Northern Ireland and represented of all factions of the conflict, plus PTSD counselors involved, meet in a mutually safe place such as Dublin for an initial Peace Forum with contingents of teams from America and Australia.

The American team will consist of at least 10 couples (former combatants of Viet Nam and their spouses, all with some degree of PTSD) and team leaders from our VA vet centers. The American team will, prior to the meeting in Dublin, receive training in Australia from our Aussie comterparts who are more advanced than we are in dealing with PTSD. Prior to the meeting in Dublin, they will establish contact with the forty members of the Irish contingent via email, telephone, and the website I.B.O.W.W. has setup a roundtable chat room for.

The Australian team will consist of at least 10 couples (all are former combatants of Viet Nam and their spouses who also have some degree of PTSD) and will try to join in on the website chat room forum before the meeting in Dublin.

Once the Peace Forum has been held (3 day forum) in Dublin, then it can be decided if it is safe to have teams from America and possibly Australia, on the ground, meeting with former combatants and their families to further the peace and healing. Plans for future missions on the ground can all be discussed and decided at the forum meeting in Dublin.


To attain and keep a lasting peace in Northern Ireland, all factions of the conflict must be involved in the process. This peace effort must be done in depth and involve all families that have been affected by the death and destruction in the healing process. Once the "beachhead" has been established in Dublin, progress can be made on the ground in Northern Ireland to fulfill the objectives of a true peace and healing.

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Let Peace Begin For Everyone


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