Dove of Peace
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Pastor: Reverend Ken Fowler, Amarillo, Texas


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May this be an uplifting and inspirational haven for all who tarry here.

          Dear Lord, put your hand of kindness upon every child of Yours. Some are tired and weary; some are physically ill and others are sick in mind and in soul. Touch every one of us with the wondrous healing of Your grace. May we all be filled with Your peace. There is always an answer and a solution to our problems. Help us turn away from that which is wrong and turn to that which is right. If there is ill will, hatred, dislike, any kind of meanness in us, may it be washed away completely through the healing power of love. Be near to us now, and always, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen.

I must constantly live in preparation for something better to come. All of life is a preparation for something better. I must anticipate the morning to come. I must feel, in the night of sorrow, that understanding joy that tells of confident expectation of better things to come. "Sorrow may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning." Know that God has something better in store for you, as long as you are making yourself ready for it. All your existence in this world is a training for a better life to come.

I pray that when life is over, I will return to an eternal, spaceless life with God. I pray that I may make this life a preparation for a better life to come.


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inspirational chapel

As a former combatant, you and your family believe in a higher power. Your personal relationship with your Creator is your own. We provide this chapel for you to converse with your Almighty Creator through prayer, meditation, or the method you are most comfortable with. We all believe that because of a higher power (our God) we exist on this earth to help one another. If you want or need someone to talk to about your relationship with your Creator or your spiritual well-being, please feel free to Email Pastor Ken.

If going on Peace and Healing Missions outside of the United States is not your forte but helping to spread the Word of Jesus Christ is, you might want to contact Pastor Ken about joining "The Raven Team".


Jesus Christ our Lord

When talking about peace and healing from the experiences of war, you do not have to experience war to lose "peace" but you do have to "know" and experience a relationship with "A HIGHER POWER" to have a true peace and healing. It is so simple, yet we all lose our way "Home" at sometime or other. Get connected or reconnected with your Almighty Supreme God and be amazed at what you will have through HIM.

God is good - with an extra cookie hole!


Let Us Pray...

...that we will all be given strength by the Creator to follow the footsteps of Jesus, to share our love, respect and compassion for one another. There is good in everyone because the Creator has put a little of Himself in us all.

...for forgiveness for the pain and suffering we have caused one another. That we may have the courage to respect one another and to know that all life is sacred. To believe it is within our hearts to embrace, respect and comfort people from all walks of life because we are all one of the same family, that we are all equal and the same. That before we can show respect, we must first have self-respect. Let us take time to listen and take care of our body, mind and spirit.

...for commitment and responsibility to help those in need and to give them support, comfort and friendship. That we can unite together as one people, giving us the strength to overcome hatred and to learn ways to settle differences peacefully. That we all learn to live in harmony with one another.

...we will all be happy when we create peace with each other.


Angels Because Angels
don't always have wings,
God gave each of us the ability
to be angels on Earth.

To touch lives, to lighten hearts,
and to inspire souls.
By practicing these simple acts of Faith, Joy, Hope, Harmony,
Charity, Grace and Goodness, we can each be more like Angels!


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